Why choose San Clemente Tutoring?


Here, at SC Tutoring, we like to pride ourselves in how we set ourselves apart from those big, generic companies. Most of us either are or recently were students ourselves, meaning that we know exactly what you may be struggling with. Say goodbye to your old tutor who reads you answers out of the book using difficult language. We think just like students and explain hard concepts in a easy-to-understand style.


why we work

SC Tutoring is not like any other company. There are many reasons students and parents have chosen to study with us for many years.

  • First, we always learn how YOU work so we can accommodate your special needs
  • We always place you and your personal tutor in a private room so you can focus without distractions
  • We use super-simple language when it comes to those hard problems
  • We are NOT like those big companies: We will get to know your unique strengths and weaknesses. You are not just another number in our system.

P. S.  Don't like One-on-One isolated tutoring? We also offer group sessions!


Our Mission

Founded in 2017 by lead-tutor Dino Beganovic, San Clemente Tutoring strives to provide nothing but genuine results for its students. Whether it be Algebra or German, it is our goal to insipire and teach students in order to better their future.